We want you to discover, along with your little ones, the love of play and curiosity


We have been inspired by the Montessori and Waldorf methods to create toys that invite you to know the world with calm, desire and fun.


Are you looking for a toy made with natural materials that awakens the imagination of your children?


Do you want to avoid overstimulation and help them explore their surroundings at their own pace?

As parents of a little one, we also meet the same concerns.  And these doubts, added to our desire to do the best for our little one,  They became the motivation to create OursiWood.




We are Cristina and Antoine, a couple of entrepreneurs eager to make known

the enormous potential of educational wooden toys.

We have both lived Montessori and Waldorf education from different places.

As a child, Antoine studied at a Montessori school, and his grandmother was a Montessori guide as well. In my case, I discovered both pedagogies by becoming a mother. And I fell in love with them.

I spent hours reading and researching their methods,  and I trained to start applying them at home.


And thus OursiWood was born

OursiWood's story began in our home, when we saw our baby play, put toys in his mouth or fall against materials too hard for his age.


I began to weave treasure baskets with a beautiful design and soft colors, and looking for toys that my child could put in his mouth with tranquility.


We believe that many other parents would have our same concerns, and we decided to create a special project for all families who, like us, are looking for toys that allow their little ones to discover the world with calm and fun.


Our beliefs

We are convinced that every day offers us the opportunity to live happy moments.

And that the awakening of the senses from birth helps to enjoy each of these gifts.

Learning by playing, and playing learning, brings children closer to the love of curiosity. 

Because, in the end, wooden toys are tools. 

The magic is in the game that is created with them.

“Children do not play to learn, but they learn because they play”.

Jean Piaget.


Why wooden toys?


 They help develop creative intelligence. Thanks to its simplicity, the child is encouraged to use his imagination.

They awaken the senses.  They have a texture, a touch and a natural smell. When they fall to the ground or collide with each other, they make different sounds.

They motivate sensibility for noble materials.  If the child asks where they come from, take him to see a tree and explain where the material comes from.


 We want free and unstructured play

to be a possibility for all children


 May they enjoy discovering the world, creating and imagining what they want.


 That's why we donate toys every year

to two non-profit entities:

  • AFANOC (asociación de familiares y amigos de niños oncológicos de Cataluña)

  • Consorcio del Barrio de la Mina


A little more about us ...

We wanted to create a brand that had to do with our history.

That is why we chose the prefix "Oursi" that comes from the French "Oursinet", which means "Teddy". 


As a child, Antoine read Petit Ours Brun's books: a little bear that lives

everyday situations with his family. 

They are the same stories that we read today to our son, and that are part of our family history.   Therefore, we decided that something so "day to day" and so ours should be reflected

also in our brand.


Today OursiWood is an essential part of our day to day

and from our experience as parents wanting to make the world a little better for our children.

Now that you know us,  We suggest you accompany us: 

We are going to show you the place where we keep the magic.



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